Feature walls, also known as accent walls, are a simple, inexpensive way to add flare to your room. By customizing just one wall, you can enhance the aesthetics of your room with minimal time and money. It also allows you to use you to make changes to your interior design without undergoing a whole home renovation.

These stylistic features allow you to get creative with colour, texture and materials. If you’re looking to experiment with your home design but don’t want to put your whole room at risk, feature walls are a perfect way to switch it up.

Bold accent colours

Adding a bold pop of colour to a neutral room can create a more sophisticated and modern edge.

**See our colour psychology blog for tips on how to create the right atmosphere with colour**

Feature walls are also an innovative way to define multi-functional spaces, like an apartment studio or home office. Warm, vibrant colours can effectively differentiate between living spaces, sleeping spaces, working spaces, etc.


If you’re looking to integrate a more dramatic design as opposed to a solid hue, wallpapers are the perfect way to do so. Get creative with colour blocking by adding a floral design, stripes or a graphic pattern.

Choosing custom wallpapers will allow you to incorporate hues from other walls and features of the room. This is a great way to layer colours and patterns to create your ideal interior design.

Experiment with materials

Let your creativity flow when experimenting with different textures and materials.

Stone walls, such as exposed brick, are highly effective for a chimney breast and for drawing attention to a certain focal point.

If you want to create a visual illusion, accessorize with mirrors to make the room look bigger.

Feature walls can also be both practical and pretty. Consider mosaic or glass tiles in the bathroom to add colour and texture.