Deep blues and browns are right on trend as far as colour combinations go. In terms of layering, neutral tones always act as a good basis for layering colours. Using calmer shades for large spaces like walls and floors will allow you to accessorize with your favourite bright colours. Adding a bold pop of colour to a neutral room can create a more sophisticated and modern edge.

Feature walls

These stylistic features are becoming more and more popular as they are a simple, inexpensive way to add flare to your room. Get creative with colour and texture by choosing a custom wallpaper that compliments the other colours in the room. Feature walls can also be both practical and pretty. Consider mosaic or tiles in the bathroom or create a visual illusion using mirrors.

Green is the new black

Colour consultants are raving about green this year. Becoming one of the most popular trends in home design, green mimics the tones of nature and can revitalize a room with its natural hues. Team your greenery up with some warm wood tones to create an inviting atmosphere to your room.

Giving life to laundry rooms

This year we are seeing a surge of home owners splashing out on their wash room. The most popular design trends are using smarter storage and introducing more light to lift the small rooms.